Posted by: tawyn | December 19, 2007

Who in their right mind…..

Drum kit

Who in their right mind gives a toy drum kit to a 2 1/2 yr old for Christmas…… surely it’s only diabolical relatives who want to get even for some imagined slight.

Ummm…. no, we his somewhat insane parents are. “I want my pantry canisters back” says mummy.  There are currently 2 permanent drum kits made of household items & toys set up around the house. They only seem to grow larger as more interesting sounds are heard. And if mummy should tidy up or move the downstairs one so we can lie down and watch TV, it is carefully reconstructed the next morning often almost identically to what was destroyed.  At times there are 1 or 2 other more temporary drums set up in addition to the permanent ones. Just a little obsessed is he.  So drums for Christmas it is, drat I forgot to get earplugs…..


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