Posted by: VRBones | February 20, 2008

Daily Cameronism II

So much for daily …

We had been playing out in the back yard for a while and it was getting time to go in. Sandy had been picking limes and headed in with an armload. One had fallen out as she was going through the door so I called Cameron in to “pick it up and take it to mummy”. Cameron grabs it and runs after Sandy; “You dropped it mummy”.

We catch up to Sandy at the stairs, but playing along, she heads up and asks Cameron to “bring it upstairs for mommy”.

He looks up and goes ” ohh, no. I put it here.” and places it on the steps next to the bibles I had left there for the next trip up.

“Don’t you want to take it upstairs?” I ask.

“No, we play soccer!” Cameron replies.

“What about the lime?” I ask, trying to steer him back on track.

“It’s not important … ” he replies, dragging me back out to the yard.



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