Posted by: tawyn | February 22, 2008

Family Tree

Would love to get at least the Bowes family tree on here somehow, just have to figure out the best way to do it.

Current surname list includes: Bowes, Dow, Greig, Crawley, Kidd, Leslie, Douglas, Yule, Samson, Milne, Myles, McNaughton, Knox, Hogg, Simpson, Wilkie, Banks, Key, Small, Low, Smith, Barrack, Rennie, Young, Bogg, Skene, Campbell, Haywood, Stewart, Taylor, Fair, Guthrie, Stiven (Stephen), Balmain, Johnston.

These are nearly all Scots with just a few English imports to Scotland thrown in.

Earliest birthdate is 7/4/1728 for William Bowes parents William Bowes and Margaret Fair (or Fairly) and earliest marriage date 28/8/1732 for Thomas Balmain to Margaret Johnston. These are 9 and 11 generations ago from our son Cameron.

And as always there are still a lot of gaps to be filled in.


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