Posted by: tawyn | March 17, 2008

Freebie Digiscrapping Blank Paper Templates

Download at:

My first attempt at putting together a digikit – so be kind if you find this post 🙂 ….

This is blank paper ready for colouring to your desired shade or for adding a crumpled look to papers already in your stash.

These are mainly A4 pieces – not 3600×3600 pixels. I’ll see what I can do about that later. The zipped file contains .jpg and .png files.

I’m a “Gimp girl” so I open the paper I want to crumple or bucket fill in the desired shade, then open the blank crumpled paper template as a layer on top, and finally go to my layers dialog and change the mode of the template layer to “multiply” although other modes sometimes give interesting results.  Other times I just open the template and play with the colorize settings til I’m happy.

Hopefully you know what you need to do if you use Photoshop. The tutorial for Paintshop Pro at  may help.



  1. I’m grabbing! I just learned to make crumpled papers, and I appreciate the time! These will make my scrapping go much quicker. Thank you!

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