Posted by: tawyn | April 11, 2008

Cameronism – Problem solving by an almost 3…

Mr Almost 3 has been enjoying playing in the car the last wk or so – as we had to move some stuff, he could now get in the carport. If you don’t hear him laughing first, you see flashing hazard lights or indicators that let you know where he is – thank goodness he hasn’t found the horn. In an attempt to stop him getting in, we reblocked his access and locked all the car doors (admittedly leaving the drivers window down).

So what does he do – drags a chair to the barricade to help climb over, tries all the doors finding them locked but he must have spotted the open window, goes back & climbs over the barricade, finds the empty nappy bucket ready for the new bub, hauls it & himself over the barricade, then takes it round the other side of the car, climbs on the bucket and slithers in through the window. Where we find him giggling happily – probably that he got one up on Mum & Dad.


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