Posted by: tawyn | April 26, 2008

AArrrrgggg…. So when was the last time you backed up??

In my usual quest for a tidy & compact set of folders with all my digiscrapping papers & elements, I was this morning trying to delete just 1, repeat just 1 unwanted folder when my computer which had been a little flaky last night & this morn decided that the folder I’d chosen wasn’t the only one it was going to remove and deleted about 10 or so. And as usual, I did a permanent delete – none of this putting it into the recycle bin stuff – no not me!!!! ALL GONE!!!!! My last backup – 6 wks ago. I could remember some of the blogs I’d downloaded from recently, so they were easy to get back. The worst of it was I deleted all my own created elements….NOOOOOOO!!!! The stuff I’d put in kits – no problem, but the rest – ALL GONE!!!!!

So when was the last time you backed up???  I’m just so glad I didn’t do it to my scrapped pages – 19 since the backup. Hmmm I have been doing a lot lately. Just a little addicted I think!


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