Posted by: tawyn | June 2, 2008

What scrapbooking item are you?


I am GLUE!

Ok kinda sounds like me in some ways – but can’t say I’ve ever used glue on a page. On plenty of other crafty things I always get my fingers covered in it, but I love my tape runner when scrapping traditionally (not that I’ve done any of that lately).

So what are you? Try the quiz at:
“GLUE – You are the adhesive that keeps things together. You go through life helping others. You stick to people and try to keep people together. You like it best when you are surrounded by people and able to help them. But Glue Beware – in your efforts to keep everyone together and with you, you sometimes overlook yourself and find it hard to keep yourself together. Don’t neglect personal time in your overwhelming need to socialize and help others.”



  1. This was pretty neat. I did it and I am Fibers.

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