Posted by: tawyn | July 18, 2008


We got Mr 3 a Cranium Super Fort for his birthday. Thought it would be a brilliant present when I saw it – although was a bit skeptical as to whether the magnets would be strong enough (they are – but don’t try and bend the orange foam stabilizer rods).

His current favourite TV other than Playschool is Scrapheap Challenge. He loves pretending he’s the presenter and enjoys watching the teams building all sorts of machines from scrapyard junk. So a toy requiring imagination for building whatever you can think of (often what was built on Scrapheap Challenge the night before) was just right.

We’ve also made a race car, windmill, castle, pirate ship, church, tunnel and others I’ve forgotten.  The only thing missing is a steering wheel which was easily fixed with a couple of plastic plates cut into shape. At 3 he can handle the pieces fairly easily as they are lightweight and flexible, he just needs prompting as to where to put them.

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