Posted by: tawyn | August 8, 2008

Wiggly worm ~~~o

Cam (a few months ago): Mummy Mummy there’s a wiggly worm in the house.

Me: Ok show me where (thinking it’s just another centipede wandering round)

He takes me to the downstairs toilet to show me the SNAKE wrapped around the base!!!  AAARRRRGGG!! At 7 mths pregnant I wasn’t taking any chances, but when I went back armed with a broom & the vaccuum cleaner handle it had disappeared which was even worse. 4 of the neighbours were out and the only one home wanted to try & catch it in a bag while wearing thongs. Sorry to the snake lovers & environmentalists out there but good snake dead snake.  Luckily on the way back from wandering the neighbours I went to get the shovel by the back door & heard a frog going bonkers. The snake had (thank God) exited the house and had its head in a slit in the wall going after the frog. Missed the snake with the shovel but did get a better than I wanted look at it as it raced away – probably a harmless tree snake I later realised but at about 1m long I wasn’t thinking that at the time.

I still have no idea how close Cameron got to it, but being somewhat still freaked out we spent the afternoon playing upstairs (stupid really cause tree snakes can climb rather well) and I made DH check everywhere downstairs when he got home from work. Poppy has now installed a snake stopper under the back screen door where it gained entry.

Moral of the story: Listen to your kids and be prepared to go & have a look!!


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