Posted by: tawyn | August 26, 2008

Woven Paper Template – Digiscrapping Freebie

I wanted a woven look background for a LO a while ago and after a few tutorials – this was the greyscale template I made in case I wanted something similar again.

Use 2 pages from your stash or colourize the layers. If you are using paper from your stash on the “main horizontals layer”, make sure to select the grey areas of that layer, invert your selection, then erase the selection on your paper layer so that the bottom paper shows thru. (I believe in photoshop you can do it as a clipping mask instead)

The shadow layers opacities are adjustable, but due to a small problem saving a photoshop version using gimp, the mode of the shadow layers has reset to normal instead of burn. You may wish to fix it and resave the template before use.

As I’m a Gimp girl, I thought I’d post both a gimp version & and a photoshop version.

Gimp download link:
Photoshop download link:


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