Posted by: tawyn | October 28, 2008

She must be a Bowes *mmmm steak*

Starting some real food & rollovers have been the order of the month for Rachael. Put her down and she’s immediately trying to flip over, but not always happy once she’s there!! Now that she’s having shorter sleeps, I’m really kept hopping looking after the 2 of them. How on earth does anybody cope with 3 or more kids under 4!!!! I guess you need more than 2 arms and 1 lap.

Cameron is booked for kindy next year for 2 days a week which will make things a little easier, except for the extra running around. We’ve been enjoying playgroup once a week for the past few months and I think he’ll like kindy even better.



  1. I had 3 under two at one time (newborn, 2 & 2-1/2) and I firmly believe that any mother with less than four arms qualifies as handicapped. 🙂

  2. That should say 3, two & under. 😛

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