Posted by: tawyn | December 8, 2008

2 Cameronisms in 2 days – record

It was a steamy hot day here yesterday while waiting for a thunderstorm, so I took the kids out for a splash in the wading pool. Master 3 went & got his water toys and is sitting there pouring & tipping & filling, when he turns and pours water from the teapot over Miss 6mths head. I told him not to do that and he replies “but I was just marrying her”. Took me a while to catch on that he meant baptising her. “Yeah mummy, that’s what I meant”. He then went on to “marrying” the dog much to it’s dismay (she hates baths).

Today as I put a commando creeping Miss 6mths down in the area that Master 3 puts together his plastic train tracks, I told him that she would probably pull it apart on him. He was doing so well, surprisingly not getting grumpy at her when she inevitably started dismantling the track. Then I overhear him say “thank you for pulling apart the track for me”. Ha Ha, bet he won’t be saying that too many times in the future when she’s into his stuff that he doesn’t want dismantled!! He loves building at the moment so it just meant he didn’t have to do it himself.


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