Posted by: tawyn | January 9, 2009

Where do the days go???

I’m seeing lots of people resolving to do Project 365 this year (a photo a day for the whole year), haha, would be nice but I’m going for Project 52 which might actually be achievable for me…..
What on earth did I do yesterday – the day just disappeared. By the time I wrote 1 email, played with & fed kids and did 20mins of housework – it was 4.30pm and I’d started the day before 6am. So remembering to do a photo a day, much less a blog post a day is absolutely laughable.
I’m sure looking at some peoples blogs that they have discovered the secret of how to get 30-40hrs into a day (or they just don’t sleep) or they are just a whole lot more organised than I am ūüėČ

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