Posted by: tawyn | April 3, 2009

2D Christmas/Easter Tree

Master 3 and I are in the process of making a 2D tree that I saw in the Handmade magazine a few years ago.


 Why are we making it at this time of year?? No I’m not getting ready for Christmas just yet!! Last year around Easter time, the Olsen’s where we went to bible study had an “Easter tree”  with Christian Easter symbols hung as decorations – doves, crosses, eggs etc. We had been planning to make the 2d tree at our craft group  before last Christmas but ended up doing something else instead.

As usual I haven’t quite followed the instructions, but what else is new… it’s about a 40cm tall fat dowel with holes drilled in for the thinner dowel “branches” to be placed in (the instructions lashed the branches on with string helped by superglue but I wanted to be able to dismantle it.)100_2725_2

Cameron & I are in the process of making the Easter decorations, so far we have a crown of thorns made of prickly vine from the garden, a cotton wool sheep, a painted blown egg and will create more as the inspiration strikes. Nothing but the crown is on the tree yet as I have an impatient hubby who wants to show this to some people at school.  😉   He must have thought it was a good idea.

For Good Friday we can pull out 3 of the “branches” to leave a cross and we’ll find a piece of black cloth to drape around it. And probably a white cloth and flowers for Easter Sunday.

Ok, ok, I know that branches aren’t straight. *blush*  It was done in a hurry while Missy was asleep and my FIL had taken the vice up the farm so my holes weren’t square. Hope you do better if you give it a go. 




  1. Now this is something to make the kids really think about the meaning of Easter and how it relates to Christmas. I love it.
    Great job so far and I can’t wait to see the finished job.

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