Posted by: tawyn | June 17, 2009

Yo-Yo Christmas Tree

100_2967One of the crafty blogs I visit is Zakka Life and recently she has posted “How to Sew Fabric Yo-Yo’s”

Last year we made these nifty little Christmas Trees out of  Yo-yo’s. The whole thing is only about 10cm high, so it was a little fiddly but lots of fun.

You need about 7 yo-yo’s of reducing sizes, thread them on a toothpick for the trunk and the “pot” at the bottom is a piece of cork. Mine was decorate with seed beads and gold metallic thread and a star bead for the top. The presents are just small pieces of balsa wood in wrapping paper and everything is glued onto an old floor tile.

*edit* The diameter of the circles used to create the yo-yo’s are about: 12cm, 11cm, 10cm, 9cm, 8cm, 7cm, 6cm.


  1. your yo-yo Christmas tree looks adorable. what a clever idea.

    thanks for linking to my yo-yo tutorial. 🙂


  2. That is just gorgeous!! I think too fiddly for my liking but it looks great!!

  3. Its gorgeous!! How did you think of doing this? did you place the hole side up or down?

    • I can’t take the credit for thinking this up – it was our Christmas Craft last year for our craft group. The yo-yo’s went hole side up which would give a nicer ruffled look than hole side down and the star on the top hid the hole on the top yo-yo.

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