Posted by: tawyn | July 20, 2009

Photo Editing Course @ Jessica Sprague

Finished Jessica Sprague’s  free 2wk photo editing class yesterday and I did learn a few new techniques and did some things to photos that I wouldn’t have tried before. (No way I would have taken the time to put 3 different texture overlays on one photo).

I’ve always tended to try to keep my photos uncluttered and uncovered on my scrapping layouts, but I do tend to crop them closely. This has forced me not to crop but to use those negative spaces for wordart or brushes.  Jessica also uses a lot of layer masks & clipping masks which I’ve only got a handle on properly in the last few months. Gimp and clipping masks don’t go together as easily, but I can work around stuff like that. Did pretty well following the Photoshop tutes too considering I use Gimp but watching the videos – there is probably nothing that would make me change to PS.

The timing of the tute releases each day worked out really well. They came out right around TV time for the kids  😉 so I usually had an uninterrupted 40mins or so and that was usually long enough to watch the video, find a suitable photo (not always easy), use that day’s technique on the photo & save & upload to the gallery.  All in all a lot of fun!!

1. Add frame & wordart  2. Brushes 3. Vintage hand-tinted look 4. Clipping masks 5. Textures 6. TTV 7. Type 8. Edge Burn (liked this and hadn’t tried it before) 9. Bit of everything 10. Selective recolouring 11. Storyboard 12. Collage 13. Selectively coloured collage.


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