Posted by: tawyn | August 15, 2009

World Vision 40hr Famine

I decided about a month ago to do the 40hr Famine this year, can’t believe it’s been about 12yrs since I did it last. This time I’m doing the food famine & the technology famine (yep that’s right no computer, TV, mobile phone, stereo or microwave) to help raise money for hungry kids affected by the Global Food Crisis.
Do you realise that the price of rice in many third world countries has doubled or even tripled in price in the last 2 years? What if the price of milk, bread and fruit & vege doubled here – imagine the outcry. Most of us would cope, but if you were barely able to afford it before, what would you do if it doubled?
Funds raised this year are being used mainly in Kenya & Cambodia for emergency food aid, clean water access and seed & tools for farmers.
I might not be able to do much about the approx 1 billion people who go hungry every day, but so far I’ve raised (thanks to generous friends & family) enough to provide help for 50 kids for a month. Maybe not much in the whole scheme of things – but it is to any one of those 50 kids. And by signing up as a Group Leader, 9 of the teens from church have also volunteered to do the famine too.
So I may not be able to do much about the 1 billion hungry people, but I will do something….will you help too! You can donate securely online at


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