Posted by: tawyn | March 6, 2010

How many ways can you spell Miranda??

I’ve been spending a heap of time on chasing up family tree stuff this month. I’d been missing a few census entries for one of Tony’s ancestors, a Miranda Kidd nee Wilkie (1806-1875) who lived in Dundee Scotland.
I think the enumerators who took the Scottish Census details in the 1800s would give modern parents a run for their money trying to spell names in new & unusual ways.
I’ve found my Miranda & her daughter spelt: Muranda, Murrande, Marinda & Mirinda and I still can’t find them in the 1851 Scottish census.

Other Miranda’s have been spelt: Maranda, Meranda, Mirranda, Moranda, Merander, Mirande, Mirand, Marandia, Marander, Merand, Mirander.

No wonder I can’t find her. If you do – leave me a message 😉

*edit* Found her & her daughter in 1851 census spelt Merinda. But as is not uncommon with 1851 she was down as Merinda Wilkie her maiden name. So if you’ve lost a married/widowed woman in 1851 Scottish Census, try looking under her maiden name as I’ve had maybe 10% recorded this way.



  1. You can spell it Myranda. My friends name is spelled that way but mine is spelled Maranda.

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