Posted by: tawyn | May 23, 2010

Digidare #181

Interesting dare again this week, wonder how many of us will pick the same item that I have. Unable to mention the name of the item in your journalling, I went with an old fashioned word puzzle.

“My 1st is in ice but not in water, my 2nd is in son but not in daughter, my 3rd is in move and also in come, my 4th is in apple and also in plum, my 5th is in February but never in March, my 6th is in stiff and also in starch, my 7th is in see but not found in sight, my last is in true and always in right. My whole is my favourite non-living thing, on which I spend hours working and playing.”

Credits: Papers – 3 Paper Peonies & Vicki Parker & own textured paper, Cluster Frame – Brandy Murray, Overlay – House of 3, Sticky Tape – Ikeagoddess,  Strings & Glass Hearts – Bowesclan, Fonts – Artistamp Medium & Complete in Him.



  1. LOVE this layout! i had to click on it and make it larger size in order to figure out the word puzzle, but the photo was a great close-up! i kept thinking it was going to be laptop – so it threw me off for a minute! LOL awesome job – thanks for playing along on my dare! 🙂

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