Posted by: tawyn | January 2, 2011

2010/11 Scrapping Goal & ramblings

😦 didn’t make my scrapping goal of 80 LO’s for the year, managed about 66 but there are 9 virtually finished ones for Amanda & Bella’s masquerade party sitting there that should be counted too = 75 ok nearly made it…. and I think the count got a bit out when I was forgetting to log them.

So setting the goal for the same 80 again this time for 2011 although 50 might be more doable ;P

*slap hand* must get in and do the 3 project 52’s that I’m behind too.

Really enjoyed the digidares for the pushs to try different things and think outside the square/circle/cube…. and I won a couple too ;>  Digidare #199 &  Digidare #197 & Random Winner forDigidare #203.

I was feeling in need of some basic graphic design principles and after being disappointed with the graphic design books from the library, was very glad to find this year which I’ve really enjoyed reading and learning from. 2011 Goal – keep on growing & stretching & blooming right where I am.


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