Posted by: tawyn | January 2, 2011

Digidare #210

Ok… loved this digidare to do a “Year in Review” page in the form of a magazine cover. Knew almost immediately that it was going to have to be THE BROKEN LEG.

Credits: Papers – 3 Paper Peonies & Taylormade, Borders – Tracie Stroud. Fonts – Sans, Rough Draft, Hand of Sean, Impact Condensed, Arial, XmasTerpiece, etc.




  1. This looks amazing! LOVE your title work and what an amazing photo!

  2. Where do I begin? Ok, the color scheme you chose is PERFECT to accent the teal in the photo. I love your focal photo! Cameron is adorable and I cannot imagine how brave he was getting his leg set.

    Another thing I love are the fonts you chose. Bravo! And the extra photos and journaling make this layout over the top awesome!!


  3. What a wonderful page! Cute photo -ow! his poor leg!!

  4. OK, blown away here. This is such an amazing page. Love the big photo on the magazine cover, the different “article titles”, great mix of fonts, the simple inked frames on the inset photos echoed with the inked page frame, great shadows on your elements. This is a wonderful composition! Such a fantastic entry to this past week’s Digi Dare. Thank you so much for playing along with us, and hope to see more pages from you at the Digi Dares!

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