Posted by: tawyn | May 3, 2011

Motion Scrapbooking

Recently I’ve been catching up on some digishow podcasts and was hearing Izzy talk about motion scrapbooking. I’ve been thinking for a while that I’d like to try to do an animated layout and have finally created one. No idea if the above is anything like he’s talking about, but this would be my take on the phrase.

Bit disappointed that I’ve had to cut the size down to 400×400 pixels to get it to run kind of smoothly, but it’s getting towards what I was envisioning when my brain wouldn’t shut up til 2am the other morning. Now if I could only get my photography subject to take direction better…… you’d think Miss Almost 3 would be happy to twirl like a ballerina 😉


  1. OMGosh Sandy
    how cool is that? woohoo
    soooooooo luv it!
    she is absolutely adorable when she dances
    thanks for sharing, and participating in this week’s DigiDare
    deborah 🙂

  2. So cool!!

  3. This is completely amazing! Love the way you created this from the separate photos – that must have been so much work to extract everything. You’ve captured her free spirit beautifully! What a wonderful entry in this week’s Digi Dare!

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