Posted by: tawyn | July 27, 2011

Digidare #237

Ok, not sure I should be posting these photos online…. me in a bikini! Just as well I was only 3 at the time. See what you make me do Digidares – really pull me out of my comfort zone.

This weeks dare is to scrap a summer layout with Beach Boys lyrics from “Still Crusin'” and I went with the first lines of California Girls. I’m an east coast girl, just of a different country.

Glad I managed to scan a heap of Mum & Dad’s old slides for them including these, before the photos were gone forever attacked by mould, fading & time.

Credits: Jenn Barrette – Growing something good kit. Extras – Joyce Paul – paper, Designfruit – circle frame brush, Twoboyz – sun, Fonts – Pea Jay, Satisfaction, Scrapcop messy paint & Pea Stacy.



  1. Don’t you look fabulous in a bikini?! Oh my goodness, I love absolutely everything about your page. You never fail to amaze me, week after week, with your wonderful Dare creations! There are so many details to appreciate here: the amazing retro background with the green funky pattern (where is that from?) and the brown + orange, the retro designs on the paper pieces, the way the lyrics follow the shape of the stamp, your amazing shadows on the sunglasses, flowers, sun, and banner. Definitely one of my favourite pages – you captured the essence of this Dare perfectly!

  2. Congrats on being the Digi Darer’s Pick for Digi Dare #238; check it out here: 🙂

    • oops, meant for Digi Dare #237! I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

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