Posted by: tawyn | October 26, 2011

Digidare #249 redo

I’m happier now – couldn’t get this LO out of my head standing hanging the washing listening to this weeks Digishow podcast.

Stacey’s comment on version 1 was right, I shouldn’t have left the photo tilted. I was going against all those strong verticals & horizontals – what was I thinking. I’d thought about rotating it but didn’t even test it as that is how the photographer had taken it.

Also swapped out the wordart title as being too busy and added some paint texture to the colours. Why the texture? Mondrian was generally creating his masterpieces with oil paints & tape.




  1. Okay, the first one was awesome, but this one is a HOME RUN! You knocked it out of the park! I love the detail of his tie following the line of the page. Little things can make a huge difference, you are right! The texture is another bit of brilliance. I didn’t know that anecdote about Mondrian. THANK YOU for not only playing along, but also creating an amazing piece of art. Blessings, Stacey

  2. I agree with Stacey – the changes took this to the next level. Love the way the lines on the wall in the photo are now square with the lines in the design. Beautifully done! Thanks for playing!

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