Posted by: tawyn | December 16, 2011

I’m a happy little shadower

Took another stab at Peppermint Granberg’s “Me & my Shadow” class from Big Picture Classes last night.     You can find her basic free tutorial “Mind-blowing Drop Shadows ” on her blog .

I’m a GIMP girl. I love my GIMP (I love my computer). It can frustrate me at times however – like not having linear burn as a blend mode.

I decided to have another try at getting GIMP to do a “Linear Burn” seeing it is the basis of everything Peppermint’s talking about (yes it does look better!)  And thankfully geekier brains than mine found that the “Linear Burn” formula is the inverse of the “Subtract” blend mode in GIMP.  Hmm I can work with that.

So plunked down a flower, took her colour suggestion of #2c1901 (ok ok it was #2b1801 which is like 2 pips out on the sliders)  and did the shadow.  Default  “Multiply” blend mode yep – meh!  So I duplicated the flower & shadow layers linked them and moved them off to one side. Then unlinked them, selected the shadow layer and did “Colors/Invert” & changed the blend mode to “Subtract”.  Hmm still meh! Where did my nice warm brownish shadow go, it’s gone back to a cold black. But at least zoomed in I can see the flecks in the kraft paper emphasised and it has definitely done a linear burn.

So time to try & warm the shadow back up. After playing around and checking it on different colour background papers, a darker & more saturated blue gave back the warmer shadow.

I liked both of these, but the one on the right I figured out in the end, had a pinkish shadow (I hate pink).

The one on the left gave me back the warmth of the dark brown from the multiply blend mode but with a linear burn bringing through the subtle grain & texture of the kraft paper.

Can’t see much difference?!  Yep it’s really subtle. Should I have gone to this much effort? Probably not, but I NEED realistic drop shadows & once I found that I could get a linear burn, I had to follow the process right through. (and then I get almost to the end of this post & realise the shine on the flower centre is at the top right instead of the top left – doh! not fixing it now)

So in the end I have a flower shadowed with blue #9fb3ed set to Subtract blend mode.

I think I can now go WOOOOOO!!!


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