Posted by: VRBones | December 20, 2011

How do you spell Dora?

Little Miss 3 1/2 is taking more and more control over Master 6’s laptop.

Miss 3: “Daddy, I can’t find the dora games”

I walk over to find that she’s in Google, with “dor” already typed in, and a wealth of dora links and games on the screen.
Ooo K. Good start.

Daddy: “You just need to click on this top link”

Miss 3: “I don’t like the top one, they are bad”

Hmm, so much for Google’s plans for world domination if even a 3 year old knows not to click on the ads.


Daddy to Mummy: “Did you know that Miss 3 is using google? She knows how to spell Dora”

Mummy: “Yeah, Master 6 was teaching her yesterday”


Mummy to Miss 3: “How do you spell Dora?”

Miss 3: ” D – O – R”

Mummy: “And what else?”

Miss 3: “Umm … I know, Q!”

So close ….


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