James Shield of Moggill

These historical newspaper clippings have been taken from  the NLA Trove historic Newspapers website   http://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper for the family of my great-great-grandparents James Shield and Isabella Fryar (b.1820 & b. 1822) who emigrated in 1854 from Northumberland England, settling first near Newcastle NSW and moved to Moggill Brisbane in 1856.

Because these old newspapers have been scanned into a computer and had character recognition software run on them, there are huge errors everywhere on the website, (eg. many e’s have been recognised as o or c)  so these are probably not the only ones available or there may be a couple in the list that are not related to my ancestors at all. Many stories listed the family surname as Shields.

Hope my distant relatives will find these an interesting insight into a little of the lives of our joint ancestors.  (Please leave me a comment at the bottom of the page even a “hi”.)            TAWYN.

*****Comments on new content*******    Found James’ obituary & will related stuff – Ok some of it isn’t very interesting but I’ve put it here anyway. Also some general stuff to do with Moggill where the Shield’s were at the meetings. There doesn’t even appear to have been a funeral notice for Isabella in the paper, let alone an obit. Also population numbers to give an idea of how many people were in the area around 1860/70. Found obits for Thomas T. Makepeace and Mary Ann Wright nee Shield and I’ve included other miscellaneous bits I’ve found.  More papers are still being released over the next weeks.

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IMMIGRANTS per STAMBOUL – Notice is hereby given that the undermentioned persons, for whom passages were provided to this colony, in pursuance of deposits made in the Treasury here, under the Remittance Regulations, have arrived in the ship Stamboul, and that they will be prepared to join their friends on FRIDAY next, at 1 o’clock p.m. :-

Name of Immigrant         Name of Depositor

Shield, James                     Thomas Fryar

, (wife) Isabella

, Thomas

, Ann

, Mary A.

, James

, Michael

, William

Fryar, Susan                     Thomas Fryar

, Elizabeth

, Michael

NOTES: Susan is Susan Peel married to Mark Fryar & Elizabeth is their daughter (shipping records say Susan 29 & Elizabeth 2). Couple of possibles for Michael or could this be Mark really???

Thomas Fryar had to put £18 on deposit for the Shield family to emigrate.


MARRIAGES SHIELD-SEXTON -On the 20th December, at the bride’s residence, Moggill, by the Rev. M. H. Parkinson, James, second son of Mr. James Shield, Moggill to Annie Elizabeth eldest daughter of Mr. Robert Sexton, of the same place.




. On the motion of Mr. Payne, seconded by Mr. Francis, … Mr. Shield, of Moggill, and …, were added to the committee.



Land Selections.

AT the East Moreton monthly Land Commissioner’s Court, held on Tuesday, the following selections were approved of:—

…CONDITIONAL PURCHASES…. James Shield, jun., 80 acres first-class pastoral, Moggill.




Take Notice, that applications have been made to bring the Lands described below under the provisions of the Real Property Act of 1861. Any person desiring to oppose must do so by lodging by himself or his attorney, a caveat in form B of said Act, on or before the day named.

27 Acres, boing Portion 74, Parish of Moggill. Applicants, THOMAS SHIELD, JAMES SHIELD,

MICHAEL FRYAR SHIELD, and WM. LEONARD SHIELD. Date, 29th August. 1882.

54 Acres 3 Roods 23 Perches, being Subdivision 1 of Portion 73, Parish of Moggill. Applicants THOMAS SHIELD, JAMES SHIELD, MICHAEL FRYAR SHIELD, and WM. LEONARD SHIELD Date. 29th August, 1882.



A meeting of the residents of Brookfield was held on Thursday evening, at the Public Hall, to advocate the claims of the Moggill district to the construction of a railway. The chair was occupied by Mr. Thomas Moon, who impressed upon the meeting the importance of unanimity. Mr. Charles Gregory, in advocating railway construction, said that Moggill was, with one exception, the oldest agricultural community in Queensland, and that its resources were unbounded, including coal, slate, building stone, gold, and timber, all that was required to develop the whole of these being a railway. Already there had been a trial survey and a favourable report for a district railway, and if they all acted together with energy the line would be constructed. He therefore moved that meetings be held at Moggill, Kenmuir, and in other parts of the district. The motion having been seconded by Mr. M. F. Shield and agreed to, a committee was appointed to make arrangements for the meetings.


FROM: http://www.oesr.qld.gov.au/queensland-by-theme/demography/single-publications/stats-register-qld/stats-register-qld-1861-sec-14.pdf

Statistical Register of Qld 1861 lists under post offices:

Office          Name                 Date of  Appointment     Annual Salary

Moggill       James Shield            1/2/1861                   £12 0 0 +10% commission on all stamps sold

(Notes: this is a lot earlier than I was lead to believe James started as postmaster)

In 1861 Census there were 5773 people living in the Brisbane District, 269 people (51 families) in the Western District & Moggill. 30059 people in Qld & 6482 inhabited houses.

1871 Census Moggill population 470.



DEATH. SHIELD.- On the 19th January, at Moggill, Mr. James Shield, sen., aged 80 years and 10 months.




An old colonist of the pre-separation days, Mr. Shield, of Moggill, passed away on Saturday evening last. The deceased gentleman took up his residence at Moggill on his arrival in the colony in 1857, and remained there as farmer, storekeeper, and for many years postmaster, relinquishing the latter employment, however, and confining his energies to the farm during recent years. Mr. Shield was the father of six stalwart sons and three daughters, all of whom, with one exception, have married. He leaves behind him a large numher of grandchildren and great grandchildren. Mr. Shield was over four-score years, and on the memorable first day of the present year, with his partner in life, who survives him, saw the diamond jubilee of his marriage. On account of his having undergone a critical operation in the Brisbane Hospital during the past year, and the illness which culminated in his death, he was unable to celebrate the anniversary in the joyous way in which his golden wedding was celebrated ten years ago.




The following letters of administration and probates have been granted:-


Shield, James, Moggill, near Ipswich, farmer – to William Leonard Shield, Esk, freeholder. Death occurred 19th January. Letters of administration granted 9th August. Realty £760, personalty £205.




In the WILL of JAMES SHIELD (in the said Will called William Shield), late of Moggill, in the State of Queensland, in the Commonwealth of Australia, Farmer, Deceased.

Notice is hereby given that, after the expiration of fourteen days from the date of the publication hereof, application will be made to this Honourable Court that PROBATE of the WILL of the abovenamed James Shield (in the said Will called William Shield), deceased, may be granted to STEPHEN HARDGRAVE, of Brisbane, in the said State of Queensland, Hotelkeeper, in the said Will described as of Hatton Vale, Farmer, the sole Executor named in the said Will. Any person interested who desires to object to the application, or to be heard upon it, may file a Caveat in the Registry at any time before the grant is made.

Dated this Twenty-second day of January, 1901.

HAWTHORN & BYRAM, Solicitors for the said Executor, Commercial Chambers, Queen-Street, Brisbane.




In the WILL of JAMES SHIELD (in the said Will erroneously called William Shield), late of Moggill, near Ipswich, in the State of Queensland, Farmer, Deceased.

Notice is hereby given that, after the expiration of fourteen days from the date of the publication hereof, application will be made to this Honourable Court that ADMINISTRATION of the Personal Estate of the abovenamed JAMES SHIELD, deceased, with his Will, may be granted to WILLIAM LEONARD SHIELD, of Esk, in the said State, Freeholder, one of the beneficiaries named in the said Will, STEPHEN HARDGRAVE, of Hatton Vale. in the said State, Farmer, the Executor named therein, having renounced Probate thereof. Any person interested who desires to object to the application, or to be heard upon it, may file a Caveat in the Registry at any time before the grant is made.

Dated this Second day of May, A.D. 1901. P. L. CARDEW, Ipswich, Solicitor for the said William Leonard Shield. By FOXTON & HOBBS, Brisbane.



Even after James’ death, the Shield house was used as the polling place for Moggill for elections.




Notice is hereby given that applications have been made for the Registration of Transmission of Title to the Lands hereinafter mentioned.

Name of Deceased Proprietor.-CAROLINE SHIELD, late of Dalby, wife of MARK SHIELD, of the same place, licensed surveyor.

Date of Death.-19th March, 1901.

Name of Claimant-Mark Shield aforesaid.

Description and Situation of Land.-An undivided moiety in portion 357, county of Stanley, parish of Toombul.

Estate Claimed to be Transmitted.-Fee Simple.

Particulars of Will or Otherwise.-Letters of Administration.

Date within which Caveat may be Lodged. -8th April, 1902.




Notice is hereby given that applications have been made for the Registration of Transmission of Title to the Lands hereinafter mentioned.

Name of Deceased Proprietor.-Mark Shield, late of Brookfield, near Brisbane, surveyor.

Date of Death.-7th January, 1906.

Names of Claimants.-.James Shield, of Brookfield, grazier ; William Leonard Shield, of Moggill, farmer ; and Leonard Shield, of Toowoomba, surveyor.

Description and Situation of Land. Subdivision 1 of portion 33, county of Bowen, parish of Walla ; subdivision 3 of allotments 1 and 20 of section 17, allotments 5 and 6 of section 49, and allotments 1 and 4 of section 77, town of Bundaberg : portion 13, county of Cook, parish of Kalkie ; and one undivided moiety in portion 26, county of Cavendish, parish of Deongwar.

Estate Claimed to be Transmitted.-Fee simple.

Particulars of Will or Otherwise.-Will dated 14th August. 1905.

Date within which Caveat may be Lodged.-15th August, 1906.




Notice is hereby given that applications have been made for the Registration of Transmission of Title to the Lands hereinafter mentioned.

Name of Deceased Proprietor- James Shield, late of Moggill near Ipswich, farmer

Date of Death-19th January, 1901

Name of Claimant-Isabella Shield, widow of deceased

Description and Situation of Land – Subdivision- 11 12, and 13 of portion 16, portion 95 and part of portion 11, parish of Moggill: and subdivision 2 of portion 14, parish of Kholo;-all in the county of


Estate Claimed to be Transmitted. -Fee-simple in remainder.

Particulars of Will or Otherwise. – Will dated 3rd November, 1900.

Date within which Caveat may be Lodged- 10th November, 1908.


Name of Deceased Proprietor-James Shield aforesaid.

Date of Death-19th January, 1901.

Name of Claimant -William Leonard Shield of Moggill near Ipswich, farmer.

Description and Situation of Land. – Subdivisions 11, 12, and 13 of portion 16, portion 95, and part of portion 11, parish of Moggill , and subdivision 2 of portion 14, parish of Kholo; – all in the county of Stanley.

Estate Claimed to be Transmitted-Fee simple in remainder.

Particulars of Will or Otherwise. – Will dated 3rd November, 1900.

Date within which Caveat may be Lodged-10th November, 1908.




The usual monthly Land Court was held today before the Commissioner, Mr. A. P. Cameron, when the following business was transacted:

Applications for Certificates.- Adjourned for inspection : … W. L. Shield, 981 acres, Esk ;




The usual monthly Land Court was held to- day before Mr. A. P. Cameron, when the following business was transacted :

APPLICATIONS FOB AGRICUITURAL, FARMS. Conditionally approved: ….  W. L. Shield, 160 acres, Esk



The Land. Land Courts. WEST MORETON.

BEFORE Commissioner Smith, on the 8th September :— . Conditionals. — Accepted: …  W. L. Shield, 1280 a., Esk.

W. L. Shield, 640 a., Esk.




A very numerously-attended public meeting of persons interested in the construction of the Brookfield to Moggill Railway was held in the Kenmore Hall on the 11th instant. Mr. BRIMBLECOMBE, who was chosen as chairman, briefly explained the object of the meeting, and called upon Mr. E. PALMER, M.L.A., who said that a deputation had lately waited upon the Minister for Railways and laid before him their requirements in the matter of railway communication with Brisbane; and the present meeting had been called to form a Central Committee who would urge the matter for- ward by collecting all the information obtainable as to the resources of the district from the most reliable authorities. The Minister had also promised to inquire into these matters, so he hoped that they would unanimously sink all minor differences and work for the one great object—railway communication. He moved —” That a committee be formed comprising the following gentlemen :—Messrs. Brimbleoombe, Gardell, Woolcock, Neilson, Gregory, Carver, Heathwood, Finlay, Robinson, Clarkson, Den- neaton, Graham, O’Brien, Nesbit, Moore, Moon, Sugars, R. Logan, Henry, T. Harding, M’Leod. M’Cullough, Shield, Sexton, and the mover, Mr. Jas. Robinson seconded the motion, and Mr. R. D. Neilson supported it. Messrs. Woolcock (treasurer), and T. Shield (secretary), were re-elected to those positions.




A meeting of the ratepayers of No. 1 division of Indooroopilly was held at Moggill State school last week. About forty persons attended, but none of the members of the board were present. Mr. Sugars having been voted to the chair stated that the meeting was called to discuss matters relating to the management of the works in the district and the ferry punt; also to discuss the desirableness of borrowing £1000 for the division as proposed by the Board. Mr. Findlay proposed a motion,—” That the division does not require £1000.” This was seconded by Mr. Cardell, who said that the board’s office was large enough, and that the salary which the clerk received was sufficient. The motion was carried unanimously. The ferryman then read, correspondence, which had passed between the board and himself, but nothing was settled. He said that all the time of the late rains he had to be on the punt night and day, as the tackle was not good enough to trust. Mr. Sexton proposed, ” That a vote of censure be passed on the board for the dilatoriness, and the lease settled.” The motion was carried , unanimously. Mr. Shields proposed,—”That the board be asked to repair both the approaches, and also to correspond with the Purga Board on the matter,” Seoonded by Mr. Mitchell, and carried. Mr. Findlay proposed,—”That Charles O’Brien be asked to resign his seat on the board as his services were no longer required.” Seconded by G. Sexton, and carried unanimously. Mr. T. Herne proposed, — ” That the ratepayers form themselves into an association to watch their interests, and to meet, that day, month to draw up rules and other matters.” Seconded by, Mr. Findlay and carried unanimously.



Divisional Board Meetings. INDOOROOPILLY.

The general monthly meeting of the Indooroopilly Divisional Board was held at Taringa on the 8th instant. The members present were:—Messrs. T. Morrow (chairman), C. O’Brien, A. Todd, G. Carr, R. Woolcock, T. Moon, J. Graham, and T. A. Ryan. The minutes of the previous meeting, held on 10th September, were read and confirmed. ….

DEPUTATION OF RATEPAYERS. A representative body of ratepayers from subdivision 1, consisting of Messrs. J. Shield. Owens, O’Brien, and Finlay, attended and solicited on the part of others and themselves a reduction in the net annual value of property; as arrived at by placing 8 per cent on the capital value of such. They were not there to dispute the value per acre placed by the valuer on the land, but rather the mode in which the rates had been increased by placing 8 percent instead of 5 per cent on the capital value. The chairman, together with Messrs. Ryan and Woolcock, explained that in view of the increased demand for work in the upper division they could not consistently have taken 5 per cent, thus reducing the revenue derivable from rates by about £50. The Valuation Act for 1887 increased the rates on suburban land by taking two-thirds of the rental as the net annual value as well as country land, and as such were proportionately increased in the other two subdivisions they could not see their way clear, neither did they think they had the power now, to revoke the decision. The rates, together with the endowment thereon, being judiciously spent in each respective subdivision left little, if any, cause for complaint.



IPSWICH.  The following business was transacted at the usual monthly Land Court, which was held at the Lands Office, before Mr. Commissioner Cameron, on the 15th instant:— …  Occupation Licenses.—Conditionally. approved: William L. Shield, 6 square miles, Esk;



ESK LAND COURT.    Mr. W. M. Watts, land commissioner, held his monthly Land Court at Esk last Wednesday, when the following business was transacted :-Applications for Certificates – … and W. L. Shield, 60 acres, Esk-adjourned for Inspection.




A social event of more than ordinary interest took place at Parooba, Coorparoo, last Wednesday afternoon, in the celebration of Mr. and Mrs. William Fryar’s golden wedding. Mr. Fryar, who recently retired from the civil service, was for many years inspector of Mines for Southern Queensland, and at one time was Secretary for Lands in the Macalister Ministry (1875-6) ; he was also a member of the Royal Commission on Mine Accidents. Mr. Fryar was married to Miss Lewis at the New Wesleyan Church, Albert-street, by the Rev. W. J. K. Piddington, on May 29, 1857, both bride and bridegroom residing at the time at Moggill. Professionally, all Mr. Fryar’s business transactions gave evidence of a thoroughly scientific and comprehensive grasp of detail, so that his advice was largely sought ; and socially his natural kindness of heart and urbanity of disposition won for him many lifelong friends. On Wednesday afternoon Mrs. Fryar, who carried a lovely shower bouquet (the gift of Mrs. W. Labbett), received the guests in the drawing-room, and later an adjournment was made to the lawn, where tea was served. The guests included representatives from the immigrant ships Fortitude, Lima (the vessel in which Mrs. Fryar came to Queensland), and Chasely, names which are associated with that of Dr. Lang. Mr. Edmund Gregory proposed the health of the host and hostess in felicitous terms, recalling many incidents of old times. His remarkes were ably supported by Mr. J. S. Bennett, who read a poem composed for the occasion by Mrs. W. T. Reid. Mr. Barnes. M.L.A., and Messrs. W. Twine, W. .Stafford, T. Roper, and other friends made a few pleasing references to their long acquaintance with Mr. Fryar. Mr. T. L. Fryar (foreman, and surveyor of the Jondaryan Shire Council), Mr. A. M. Fryar (Bank of New South Wales, Brisbane), and Mr. A. E. Fryar (Inspector of Mines, Central district), worthily represent their father in public affairs. Mrs. J. S. Bennett (wife of Mr. J. S. Bennett, Registrar of Lands) is a daughter of Mr. Fryar.

Amongst those who accepted invitations were Mr. and Mrs. T. Rochester, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Beet, Mr. and Mrs. F. Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. E. Gregory. Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Appel, and the Misses Appel, Mr. and Mrs, J. Wright (Tivoli), Misses Wright, Mr. and Mrs. W. Stafford and Miss Stafford (Booval), Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Makepeace and Miss Makepeace (Moggill), Mr. and Mrs. T. Sher- lock (Newcastle, N.S.W.), Sir Arthur and Lady Rutledge, Mr. and Mrs. T. Fryar (Newcastle. N.S.W.). Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Bishop, Mr. and Mrs. T. Walters, Mr. and Mrs. F. Smart (Newcastle, N.S.W.), Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Jenkinson, Colonel and Mrs. Ferguson (Gympie), Mr. and Mrs. W. Twine, Mr. and Mrs. T. Roper, Mr. and Mrs. W. H.. Barnes, Mr. and Mrs. J. Paten, Mr. and Mrs. F, Adams, Mr. and Mrs. J. Reid, Rev. G. E. and Mrs. Rowe, Rev. W. and Mrs. Little, Mr. and Mrs. J. Savage, Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Edmonds, Mr. and Mrs. S., Marriott, Mr. and Mrs. W. Labbett, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Reid. Mr. and Mrs. G. Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. J. Martin, Mrs. and Miss Forth, Mr. T. Collins, Mrs M’Lean, Miss Jamieson, Mrs. H. Wright, Mr. R. Fryar (Newcastle, N.S.W.), Mrs. Curphey, Mrs. H. Bennett, Mrs. Poole, Mr. and Mrs. W. Shield, Mrs. Ramage, Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Bennett, Mr, and Mrs. A. M. Fryar (Senecio, Clayfield), Mr. T. L. Fryar (Toowoomba), Mr. J. S. T. Burgess, and others. Many handsome presents were received.




We, the Proprietors of Portion 357, Parish of Toombul, intend FENCING that Portion, and we hereby request you to erect your half of the fence.

W. L. SHIELD, J. SHIELD, L. SHIELD, the Executors of the late M. Shield, Jessie Shield.




ONE of the country correspondents of the Queenslander is slightly in error, in assuming that Mr. Francis has made a regular tour of the electoral district he has hitherto so ably represented. It is true that one evening last week, there was a “mounting in hot haste” among the Moggilltonians, and our worthy neighbor (Mr. Shield) had hospitably placed one of his large farm buildings, seated and lighted for the occasion, at the disposal of sundry voters, who came diverse distances to hear a live member speak ; but the hon. gentleman, who was to be the hero of the hour, did not enter an appearance; and (pardon the language, it is so pithy and emphatic) after “doing our shivering” with a stoic patience for some two hours we ” skedaddled,” as wise as we went in all matters concerning the past stewardship, or future line of action likely to be adopted by Mr. Francis, if re-elected.



The Land. Land Courts, EAST MORETON.

AT the usual monthly sitting of the East Moreton Land Court, held on the 6th instant, before Mr. Commissioner Smith, the following applications for selections and certificates of fulfilment of conditions were disposed of :— ….

Homestead.—…. From previous courts:—J. Shields, 444a. granted

(unsure if it is our Shield’s as it is probably land in Burpengary 5/11/1881)



DEATHS WRIGHT.-On the 12th of February, at her residence, Boyd-road, Nundah, Mary Ann, wife of Mr. H. Wright, and daughter of the late Mr. J. Shield, Moggill. In her 74th year.




The death occurred on February 12 of Mrs. H. Wright, who had been a resident of Nundah for 20 years. With her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Shield, (who were the earliest settlers in the Moggill district), Mrs. Wright arrived in Queensland prior to the first Government being formed. She had reached New South Wales three years previously in the first ship that came out after Dr. Lang’s three vessels, the Lima, Fortitude, and Chaseley. Mrs. Wright took an active interest in current affairs, being for many years president of the W.C.T.U. and Q.W.E.L. branches, and also an active Red Cross worker. A large circle of friends and relatives mourn their loss, including her husband, Mr. H. Wright, Messrs. G. B. Wright (Bowen), W. H. and M. W. Wright (Johannesburg), sons ; and Mesdames A. Macpherson (Bald Hills), J. J. Milne (Nundah), E. Wanckel (Johannesburg), O. A. Hobson (Herberton), Miss D. Wright (Nundah), daughters. Two sons predeceased her, one having fallen at the Front.

(Note: some of the initals maybe incorrect – hard to read)



Looks like many of the Shield cousins took prizes in the show for produce & animals.




Notice is hereby given that applications have been made for the Registration of Transmission of Title to the Lands hereinafter mentioned.

Name of Deceased Proprietor-Mark Shield, late of Brookfield, near Brisbane, Surveyor.

Date of Death -7th January, 1906.

Names of Claimants-James Shield, of the same place, grazier, William Leonard Shield, of Moggill, Farmer, and Leonard Shield of Toowoomba, surveyor, as Devisees in Trust.

Description and Situation of Land. – An undivided moiety in portion 357, county ot Stanley, parish of Toombul.

Estate Claimed to be Transmitted.-Fee-simple.

Particulars of Will or Otherwise.-Will dated 14th August, 1905.

Date within which Caveat may be Lodged.-6th February, 1912.



SHIELD -The Friends of Mr. WILLIAM LEONARD SHIELD, deceased are respectfully invited to attend his Funeral, to move from his late residence, Moggill, THIS (Saturday) MORNING at 11 o’clock, to the Moggill Cemetery. K. M. SMITH, Undertaker.




In the WILL of WILLIAM LEONARD SHIELD, late of Moggill, in the State of Queensland,

Grazier, Deceased.

Notice is hereby given that, after the expiratlon of fourteen days from the date of the publication hereof application will be made to this Honourable Court that PROBATE of the WILL of the abovenamed William Leonard Shield, deceased, may be granted to WILLIAM LEONARD SHIELD, of Moggill aforesaid, Farmer (In the said Will called William L. Shield), and ARTHUR SHIELD, of Mooretown, in the said State, Teamster, the Executors named in the said Will. Any person interested who desires to object to the application or to be heard upon it, may file a Caveat in the Registry at any time before the grant is made.

Dated this Third day of April, A.D. 1918.

P.L. CARDEW & SIMPSON, lpswich, Solicitors for the said Executors.




Notice is hereby given that applications have been made for the Registration of Transmission of Title to the Lands hereinafter mentioned.

Name of Deceased Proprietor -William Leonard Shield, late of Moggill, grazier.

Date of Death-28th March, 1918.

Names of Claimants -William Leonard Shield, of Moggill, farmer, and Arthur Shield, of Moore- town, teamster, as Devisees in Trust.

Description and Situation of Land. – Portions 10, 105, 108, and 149, subdivions 1 and 2 of portion 11, and subdivisions 11 to 13 of portion 16, parish of Moggill; subdivision 2 of portion 14, parish of Kholo; and resubdivisions 63 and 64 of subdivisions 22 and 23 of portion 677, parish of Indooroopillly; – all in the county of Stanley.

Estate Claimed to be Transmitted.-Fee-simple. Particulars of Will or Otherwise. – Will dated 4th March, 1918.

Date within which Caveat may be lodged – 30th September, 1919.




SHIELD.-In loving memory of Lieut. Hubert Mark Shield, 9th Battalion, who was killed in action at Lagnicourt, 15th April, 1917.

Released from sorrow, sin, and pain,

And free from every care;

By angels’ hands to heaven conveyed

To rest for evermore.

Inserted by his loving wife, father, sisters, and brothers.

(probably Son of Michael Fryar Shield & Mary Ann Makepeace)



The late Mr. Thomas T. Makepeace, of Moggill, whose death was recently announced at the age of 88 years, first arrived at Moggill over 54 years ago. His personality had a wide influence on the social and religious life of the district generally. Along with his brother-in-law, Mr. Wm. Fryar, of Coorparoo, he took an active part in the coal mining industry at Redbank in the early days. The farm and hospitable home at Moggill are well known by many friends far and wide, and the deceased was also the founder and a loyal supporter of Methodism in that community. His wife and only son Thomas predeceased him some years ago. Two daughters survive him, Miss Makepeace and Mrs. Bennett, and there are also grandsons, Messrs., G. and F. Bennett, of Toowoomba, and Mr. Wm. Makepeace, of Maryborough. An impressive in memoriam service was held in the church on 24th instant, at which Mr. and Mrs. Greenwood sang the duet, “He Wipes the Tear From Every Eye,” and Mrs. Greenwood played the “Dead March.”




BRISBANE, Sunday. – Three coal prospectors, partially buried for nearly two hours yesterday beneath tons of rock and timber when a tunnel collapsed at Moggill, were rescued by a farmer using a shovel and saw. A fourth man, Harold Brown, who was trapped when the roof caved in, clawed his way through debris for 45 minutes before he freed himself.

The three injured men, who were admitted to the Ipswich Hospital, are:

William Shields, 38, married, farmer, injuries to back and possible internal injuries. *****

Herbert Clifford Aitcheson, 34, miner, fractured ribs and possible internal injuries.

James Clive Aitcheson, 39, ninfer, fractured ribs and possible internal injuries.

The men were members of a syndicate which had been prospecting each Saturday for about 12 months. They had excavated a drive about 20 yards deep when the roof caved in and huge slabs of rock and heavy timber posts fell on them.

(age fits William Henry Shield son of William Leonard Shield)



COAL MINE CAVED IN Three Men Trapped But Later Rescued BRISBANE, Sunday.

Three coal prospectors suffered probable internal injuries and fourth escaped with abrasions when a roof caved in and buried them under tons of rock and timber at Mog gil, near Ipswich, yesterday. Three of the men were imprisoned for two hours before released and taken to hospital.

They are William Shields, 38, farmer; Herbert Aitchison, 39, miner, and James Aitchison, 34, miner.

The fourth man, Harold Brown, miner, dug himself free and, though suffering abrasions and shock, tried for 55 minutes to release his companions but when this failed he ran a quarter of a mile for help and Charles Peters, a farmer, dug the men out.


********Older Content*********

The Commissioner for the Moreton district held his usual monthly Court, at the Brisbane land-office, on Tuesday. There were ninety applications for consideration, and the following were accepted: Homestead Selections. James Shield, 80 acres, pastoral, Moggill.

THE tenders of the undermentioned parties for the conveyance of the mails on the several routes named, have been accepted by the Postmaster-General at the sums stated : ……. James Shield, Brisbane and Moggill line, £45 (per annum) ……

TENDERS FOR CONVEYANCE OF MAILS.-A list of tenders accepted for the conveyance of her Majesty’s mails for 1867 is published. It is as follows: – James Shield, Brisbane and Moggill, once a week, £45 (per annum)…….

The following list of accepted tenders for the conveyance of mails during 1871-2, showing the name and residence of contractor, frequency of dispatch, mode of conveyance, term of years, and the amount per annum, is published in the Government Gazette of the 5th instant:-
… Brisbane and Moggill, via Law’s: James Shield, Moggill; once a week; horse; one years, £29

The following list of accepted tenders for the conveyance of mails during 1872-3, showing the name and residence of contractor, frequency of dispatch, mode of conveyance, term of years, and the amount per annum, is published in the Government Gazette of Saturday –
… Brisbane and Moggill, via Law’s: James Shield, Moggill; once a week; horse; two years, £30

The land sale yesterday was a rather poor affair; probably the weather had something to do with it. Out of 56 country lots offered, 21 were sold, 16 at the upset price and 5 at a slight advance. The general opinion is, that the upset price was fixed too high. The total amount realised was about £2130. The following are the principal particulars of the lots which were sold:-
Lot      Price per acre       Purchaser
17           £2 0 0              Thomas T. Makepeace (brother-in-law)
19             2 0 0               James Shield

….. Country lots, in the county of Stanley, parish of Moggill, situated on and near the Brisbane River. Upset price, £1 per acre.
No of portion        Area          Purchaser           Price per acre
125                     30 acres      J. Shields               £2 4 0

Various dates Aug & Sept 1859 MORETON BAY COURIER
£2 Reward – Lost, a chestnut HORSE with a blaze down the face, has 2 white feet, branded 240 near shoulder. Supposed to be on the run of J North Esq. Any person bringing him to the undersigned will receive the above reward. James Shield Moggill.

£1 Reward – Strayed from the stables of Mr Kelly, Ship Inn, Brisbane, a dark brown mare with star on forehead, and branded ?C3 near shoulder. The above reward will be paid by Mr Kelly or the undersigned, to anyone giving such information as will lead to the recovery of the same. James Shield Moggill

14/8/1861 THE COURIER BRISBANE      Notice
The public are hereby cautioned against negotiating a cheque drawn on Union Bank, Brisbane, by Wm. Fryar, in favor of James Shield for £10, dated 18th August 1861, the same having been lost. James Shield

28/5/1877, 4/6/1877 , 29/4/1878, 27/5/1878, 13/1/1879, 3/2/1879 BRISBANE COURIER       CRICKET MATCHES
Looks like all of James & Isabella’s boys were in the Brookfield Cricket Club, usually making up 5 or 6 of the side of 11.  Thomas received the prize bat & ball for highest score 4/6/1877 and Leonard received the prize bat for highest score 3/2/1879.

28/11/1878, 15/5/1888, 25/4/1893, 18/3/1896, 14/8/1899 and various dates around these BRISBANE COURIER

James Shield’s house was used as a polling place for Moggill for the Oxley Electorate. His barn was also used for voters to meet candidates.

In the Assigned Estate of JAMES SHIELDS, of Moggill, Farmer and Storekeeper – Creditors in this Estate are hereby requested to send in their CLAIMS to me forthwith. George Raff, Trustee, Brisbane.   (James lived to 1901 so it’s not a death estate, maybe insolvency??)

Probably James Shield or older sons entered horse ploughing without placing and took 1st place in bullock ploughing contest winning a corn sheller valued at £4 5s and cash 15s (total £5)

Ploughing Match M (Mark or Michael) Shield took 2nd place in horse ploughing winning a scuttler valued £4.

The monthly meeting of the Indooroopilly Divisional Board was held at the Board Office, Kenmore, on Tuesday. There were present Messrs. T. Makepeace (chairman), R. Pook, W. J. Dennison, I. Jones, and T. J. Moore.
Included in the correspondence were the following letters:-From James Shield, (junior), claiming 30s. for damages to his dog-cart, which capsized on the Moggill-road. It was resolved to reply that the board did not consider themselves liable.     (This could be James son of James or James son of James son of James??)

The Hawk, steamer, brought down this day…..and 11 bags of maize from Mr. Shield’s of Moggill, for Mr. K. S. Warry.

…..Mr Hallett’s neighbours, Mr Sexton and Mr Sellars, have a good weight of cotton picked already. The broad stretch of land under cotton on Hallett and Sexton’s farms is well worth looking at, and must be a decidedly pleasant prospect to the proprietors. Higher up the Brisbane River Mr Shields’ cotton is said to bo doing very well, and picking has commenced there; and indeed the present state of Moggill is of cotton ” cottony,” proving that our Moggill farmers are “downy” fellows…..

Mr. and Mrs. (James & Isabella) Shield, of Moggill, celebrated their golden wedding on New Year’s Day, when a family gathering numbering about fifty (in addition to a few collateral relatives) took place. Three married sons and one daughter with their wives, husband, and children furnishing forty-two of the number. The families of a married son and daughter who reside at a distance were represented by one member each. There were also two unmarried sons and a daughter, the fourth generation only being represented by the aid of photography. The worthy couple, who have spent thirty-three consecutive years at Moggill, are represented in the colony by about sixty descendants.

Looks like Mark Shield may have been up for election for the Oxley District.

23/3/1880 BRISBANE COURIER and various other dates.
Thomas Shield may have been Secretary of the Toowong Divisional Board

On Wednesday last as a little boy, about six years of age, son of Mr. Shields, superintendent of the coal works at Moggill, was playing near to where a horse was being driven by his brother, attached to a machine for pumping purposes, by some means or other the little fellow got his hand entangled in the cog wheels of the machinery. The consequence was, the hand, whieh was dreadfully crushed, made it necessary for Dr. Bell, who promptly attended the case, to amputate the lower third of the fore arm. The little boy is said to have borne his agony with great fortitude.

(Probably WILLIAM LEONARD SHIELD was the 6yr old – dates fit and he lost part of an arm.  Was James the superintendent of the coal works???)

As we are about to lose the presence of one of our most useful men, Thomas Shield, who is removing to a farm on the Bremer, his well wishers have determined to present him with a testimonial of their good wishes in the shape of a handsome family Bible, in consideration of his exertions in conducting public worship here for some time. No one here could be more worthy of a testimonial.

On the 11th October, at the residence of the bride, by the Rev. T. Beaizley, Harry Wright, late of Hull, Yorkshire, to Mary Ann, second daughter of Mr. James Shields, Rose Hill, Moggill.

On the 22nd November, by the Rev. Mr Hooper, Bible Christian Minister, at the residence of the bride’s parents, A. J. Aldridge of Bundaberg, to Isabella, youngest daughter of James Shield, Moggill.

MARRIED At Moggill, on the 18th instant, by the Rev. W. Curnow, William Robert, third son of Mr Job Twine, to Anne, eldest daughter of Mr. James Shield, of Moggill.

On the 9th December, at the residence of the bride’s parents, Moggill, Michael Fryar Shield, of Moggill, to Mary Ann, second daughter of Mr T. T. Makepeace, of the same place.

SHIELD-BUCKBY.-On the 15th July, at the Presbyterian Church, Bundaberg, by the Rev. J. Sterling, Leonard, youngest son of J. Shield, Moggill, to Jessie, youngest daughter of the late J. Buckby, of Nundah.

DEATH NOTICE – SHIELD – On the 27th January, after a long and painful illness, Thomas Shield, aged 56 years and 4 months.


  1. This is really great information which is helping me to find out and put together a lot of stuff about your ancestor and mine, James Shield. Thomas Shield was my great great grandfather. In October this year I spent 2 weeks in Brisbane and managed to visit Moggill cemetery where James is buried, Toowong cemetery where I found Thomas’ grave,The Brookfield History Museum, the Brookfield Uniting Church of which James was a founder and Rafting Ground. I’m scrapbooking what I find out and recently joined the Brookfield History Group. I’m very keen to share what I have with other interested parties and appreciated very much this information from the newspapers you’ve put out there for others.
    Thank you very much. Regards Des Shield

  2. I was absolutely agog when I found this website. On reseaching my fathers side I have discovered that James Shield and Isabella Fryar are one set of great great grandparents and that Thomas Tindale Makepeace and Hannah Fryar are another set. My great grandparents were Michael Fryar Shield and Mary Ann Makepeace. Their daughter Ester was my grandmother.I really appreciate this info and I am keen to share what I have with other interested parties. Thankyou for your generosity, Regards Robyn Brown

  3. Absolutely amazing. As a great-great-great-great granddaughter of James and Isabella who has been trying to trace her ancestors, this is an amazing collection. Thank you so much for putting this online.

    • Hi Kirsten,

      Glad you enjoyed the newspaper clippings. I loved digging around & finding them and hopefully as the State Library puts more of the old newspapers online this year I might be able to add some more stories. It was great to get a little glimpse into their lives.

      You might also want to go to http://www.pictureaustralia.org/ and do a search for shield moggill to get a couple of photos of James & Isabella.

      I tried to email you direct at the address you gave but it is not working.

  4. This is excellent information. I am particulary interested in the marriage notice below that is in your newspaper clippings related to James Shield.
    26/7/1861 BRISBANE COURIER. MARRIED At Moggill, on the 18th instant, by the Rev. W. Curnow, William Robert, third son of Mr Job Twine, to Anne, eldest daughter of Mr. James Shield, of Moggill.
    What is exciting for me is that William is listed as the third son of Job. Do you know if Job’s older two sons were James and Frederick William being the sons of Job’s first marriage to Elizabeth Fletcher? Frederick William is my gggrandfather.

    • Hi Maureen,

      I haven’t really researched the Twine family so I didn’t know about Job’s first wife. As far as I can see they are listed on the NSW unassisted passengers list so there are no details as to names, ages or how many kids came with them to Australia.)

      What I have on them came from an old website about Moggill by Bruce Sugars which is no longer available.

      Job TWINE, his wife Ann CUMBERLAND and their four children (William, Elizabeth, Robert Cumberland and Ann) left England in 1849 for Australia aboard the ship “Lima”. (on unassisted passenger list NSW so no particulars)

      Upon their arrival they settled in Wickham Terrace. Twine Street recalls this early pioneer. Later, Job purchased a property in Moggill. The property being the first recorded survey in Moggill.

      William (a surveyor) married Ann SHIELD. Elizabeth married the Hon John PETTIGREW M.L.A. Robert Cumberland married Sarah COLLINS. Descendants of Robert Cumberland and Sarah still live on part of the original holding. Ann married Thomas SHIELD.

      Job Twine, his son William and John Pettigrew were instrumental in having Ipswich proclaimed a city on 3 March 1860.

      Job died in 1877, Ann in 1879. Both are buried in Moggill Cemetery.

      Robert Cumberland Twine took over the farm upon his father’s death. Robert Cumberland and Sarah had five children:
      Albert Cumberland Charles Ernest Frank Florence

      Albert carried on the farm when his father died. He ran a dairy, small crops and was an apiarist. He had five children:
      Herbert Frank Colin George Winifred

      Albert died in 1968. The land went to his four sons and was subsequently sold. Frank kept a portion and is still living there today.

      Charles worked as a motorman for the Brisbane Tramways for many years. He had one son, Cecil.

      Ernest was a farmer and interested in Jersey cattle. Later, he went to work in the tramways. He had four children.

      Florence (DOYLE) lived in Brookfield and also had four children.

  5. Thank you so much for this comprehensive reply. Elizabeth Fletcher 1805-1830 married Job Twine in 1824. Frederick William would have been 19 years when the family came to Australia in 1849, and James older. Frederick’s marriage notice below, and his death certificate link him to Job.
    The Moreton Bay Courier… Saturday 15 December 1855
    MARRIED , By special license at Rainham, on Tuesday 27 December,1855, by the Revd. James B. Laughton, B.A. of St. Stephen’s Church, Bathurst, Frederick William, second son of Mr. J. Twine, Moreton Bay, to Mary, second daughter of Mr Roderick McLean of George’s Plains, NSW…..
    Thank you again, your information will help in finding Frederick’s passage to Australia.

  6. Hi Sandy,
    Thanks very much for access to this info. Find it very interesting.
    My connection to the Shield family is through the Kirk family of Stanhope County Durham.
    I’m originally from Durham but have lived in Penicuik nr Edinburgh for many years.
    Ossie Reed

  7. Interesting information.
    My Grandmother (Winifred Hannah Shield) was the daughter of Michael Fryar Shield and Mary Ann Makepeace. I have information on that family back some generations.

  8. Hi there, just stumbled across this web site and realised that James Shield and Isabella Fryar are part of my family tree!

    Their son Mark Shield (b 10.12.57) married Caroline Buckby.
    One of their six children was Mark Shield ( B 1.6.86)
    He married Audrey Ladbury, my grandparents, and lived near Quilpie on their sheep station.
    My mother Rosilyn is one of their 3 daughters. She married Philip Baxter and lo and behold, I arrived.

    So I guess that makes James Shield my great, great Grandfather! How strange to think there are so many distant relatives that I don’t know!

    I hope to look into this further when time permits.

    warm regards Mark Fenton Baxter

    • Hi Mark,
      You’re right – there are a lot of us! I counted up and James & Isabella would have had about 65 grandchildren, so when you take that another 3, 4 or maybe even 5 generations to today, it makes for a LOT of “cousins”.
      Glad you found the website!

  9. Thanks so much for all that wonderful info. on my great granparents and grandfather,William Leonard.When his Son,Albert,my father,died in 2002,I obtained permission to scatter his ashes at the Moggill Cemetery and placed a plaque honouring his life near that of his father and other relatives.I considered this a great honour.I must get out there again soon to make sure all is in order,still. I never knew until I read the info above that my Grandfather lost his arm so early in his life-what a man he was!! Well done. Geoffrey Shield

  10. Thank you for all the work you have done to produce this mass of information … James Shield was my great grandfather, William Leonard Shield, my grandfather …
    As I understand family history, James and Isabella emigrated to Australia with the intention of finding employment in the coal mining sector, he having been a miner in the Durham region of England. Thus, Newcastle – the Hunter Valley – was the first area in which they lived after arrival on the Stamboul. Their subsequent move to Moggill was associated with the ambition to establish a new coal mining venture there, perhaps encouraged to do so by William Fryar, brother of Isabella.
    However, there, the miners’ shafts were routinely flooded by seepage from the Brisbane River and continuous pumping was required. The information you have unearthed suggests this pumping led to my grandfather losing his right arm.
    Ultimately, the Brisbane River won the battle and James Shield moved on to become farmer, store-keeper, post-master and grand-father to 65 (an amazing tally).
    Mining must have been in the blood, however, My family (father : Albert Shield) was visiting that of Uncle Eric Shield at Moggill when another uncle, Will Shield, was trapped by that fall in a coal-mine shaft to which you refer (December 1946). I have a clear recollection of the anxiety created..

  11. Hi, not a member of your family but I enjoyed your page. The story of the mine cave-in is in my family files. My grandfather, Herbert Aitcheson, and Mr Shields were life-long friends and I have fond memories of him. He was a lovely, caring man who enjoyed life and you can all be very proud of him.

    • Thank you very much for your kind comments.Geoffrey Shield

  12. Hi, have just discovered your web page – how fantastic. William Leonard Shield was married to my great aunt Eva Beard. My Dad will be very interested to read this (his mother was Ella Beard, Eva’s sister).

  13. Hello, my nephew has just started on some family history for his daughter and I am amazed. Just finished reading this. James shield who married Jesse Bindley was my grandfather. From the info I have his father was James Shield born 11/03/1848 died 15/05/1923 buried at Brookfield Cemetery . He married Annie Elizabeth Sexton. My pop James was born 18/12/1877 at Brookfield. He died 5/09/1915 at 38 years of age. His wife Jessie was carrying twins when he died. They were born 03/01.1916. They were Jesse Violet and Annie Merle who was my mother. Cannot wait to go to Moggill . Cemetery for a look. Do you know where the original house & post office was ? My Mum Merle used to get me to take her to the Brookfield Cemetery every so often but never mentioned any other relatives at Moggill. So sad , she died at 95 1/2 and must never have known. Thank you for the work you have done. Regards Lola Beard

  14. Hi, It’s amazing. Previous comment is from my sister Lola mentioning our son’s enquiries & curiosity re the cause of death of James Shield, died 5.09.1915. He’ll be blown away by this info. Can’t wait to email him re this site.

    Thank you,

    • Just noticed Wendy Whitney’s comments. She is a descendant of Shields & Beards & so is my sister Lola. It’s a small world !
      I misspelled my name, it should be Eleanor.

      June Ehrenberg

  15. Thanks for your reseach.
    Mark Shield and Kate ( Ne Ladbury) were my grandparents. They lived near Quilpie and before that Dalby.
    My family tree goes back to James shield.

  16. What a beautiful tribute to your family. I recently went to Moggill Cemetery and found such an interest in your families headstone and the use of the home step. I needed to find more about the family and how their life went about.

    Sadly not a family member. But an interest in history and paranormal.

  17. Hello ,I was doing a bit of online research for a lady who contacted me after seeing that we shared the Shield DNA [Ancestry.com] and came across this treasure trove of info so thank you so much. My great Grandmother was MaryAnn Wright nee Shield and I have in my possession a document written by Isabella Shield on her memories of England and her early years in Moggill [I think a lot of the Shield clan would have this] plus I have some other info given to me by Mabel Kelly who unfortunately I have lost contact with but she had a room that seemed to me to be stacked from floor to ceiling with her research into the Shield family and descendants.
    Thanks again

    • Hi Peter,My name is Geoffrey Shield,great-grandson of James Shield.I would be very grateful if you were able to email me those reminisces of Isabella Shield,about England and her early days in Moggill. geoffshield@gmail dot com
      Many thanks Geoff

    • Thanks Peter, emailed you direct.

  18. Hi Peter, I’m Helen Shield, daughter of the late Geoffrey you emailed as above. Such a gift to be able to read these records online. Many thanks.

    • To all who’ve contributed to this research, I’m in your debt!

      • Thanks Helen. These are the stories that make genealogy research so much more interesting than just a whole bunch of dates (though I like collecting those too).

      • Thank you so much for this work.
        I have just returned from a visit to Moggill and Kenmore and saw the cemetery.

        I am the grandson of Mark shield who’s father is as also Mark- and was one of Jame’s son!

        Best wishes

        mark. Baxter

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