Posted by: tawyn | April 23, 2015

The Good Shepherd – Tag game

A flash of inspiration for this week’s Sunday School game for the Good Shepherd from John 10:11-18.

Started thinking of just a game of tag with the wolf being in, but wanted more, so…

I’ll make a circular sheepfold out of chairs with a gap for the gate. (green)
The shepherd stands outside the fold.
The wolf (it) stands at the other end of the room.

The shepherd & wolf turn their backs on the field area and the sheep (rest of the children) spread out between the wolf & the shepherd.
When “Go” is called the wolf & shepherd can turn around and the wolf can begin chasing down the sheep.
However the sheep are unable to move until the shepherd calls them by name, then they can run into the sheepfold.The shepherd can choose to lay down in front of the sheepfold as the gate at any time (preferably after all “live” sheep have made it inside) thus protecting the sheep inside from the wolf.

Points could be allocated on the number of sheep saved by the shepherd.

I have a long room free of obstacles to work with, but I may need to mark a field for the sheep, the timid ones will probably try to get as close to the shepherd as they can and the more boisterous may try taunting the wolf!

Now to see how it goes on Sunday ūüôā

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